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A victim with a shady past. A grieving sister in need of closure. Can a physician discover the truth without succumbing to a body of lies?


Dr. Samantha Jenkins knows well the bitter taste of betrayal. So the last thing she needs at her best friend’s wedding is an interrogation into her own broken engagement. Her fears soon turn to shock on the morning of the big day when the bride’s brother drops dead…


Though she privately suspects the victim lost his battle with drugs, Samantha promises her friend she’ll verify the cause of death. After she discovers an incriminating document and a near fatal accident stinks of sabotage, the physician-turned-sleuth is certain she's hot on the trail of a killer.


Can Samantha foil a murderer’s plans before she’s next on the slab?


Truth Unveiled is the suspenseful first book in the Dr. Samantha Jenkins Mysteries series. If you like resilient heroines, fast-paced plots, and intriguing twists, then you’ll love Stephanie Kreml's medical whodunit.



After a patient's son is slain, can she find the perpetrator before she becomes prey?


Dr. Samantha Jenkins needs no distractions as she course corrects her career. But when a patient asks Samantha to look into her son's death, the young doctor can't resist.

While promoting her clinic, Samantha visits the victim's worksite and finds the chance to investigate. Even though the death happened outside his job, she discovers evidence of possible a cover-up to prevent a federal safety inspection. As she narrows down her suspect list, the demise of a potential witness reveals Samantha's snooping and puts her in the killer's crosshairs.

Can she expose the murderer before she becomes the next mark?

Neglected Truth is the nail-biting second installment in the Dr. Samantha Jenkins Mysteries series.

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The quest for a cure.
A mysterious death.
Was it research gone wrong or
something more sinister?

The next Dr. Samantha Jenkins mystery
is coming soon!
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